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5. *Chapter 5*

*Chapter 5*

•Raleigh's POV•

"Oh um I have Acute Lymphobalstic Leukemia. They say its not bad but it is. They say I could have 6 months at the most." I said. "Oh." He said. A couple minutes of silence later Paul walked through the door. "Um we have to leave but one of you can stay." He said. "I'll stay." Niall said. He nodded. The boys soon left the room leaving Me and Niall.

"Hey Niall I have a question." I said. "Yes?" He asked. "Can I sketch a picture of you. I skecthed some online but I think it would be better now that your here. It will look more realistic." I said. "Sure." He said. "Ok, just sit still and smile." I said, He nodded. I grabbed my art encils and my sketchpad and sat on my bed. I grabbed Niall's chin and titled his head a little. I started out with the shape of his head...

(1 hour later)

"Done." I said. I looked down and saw the best sketch I have ever done. I smiled widely and showed Niall. His eyes widened. "Oh my god, its amazing." He said. "Thanks." I said. "You can have it." I said. "Really?" He asked. I nodded. "Thank you." He said. His phone beeped and he sighed. "I have to go, but would it be ok for me to come by tomorrow?" He asked. "You want to hang out with me again?" I asked. "Of course." He said. He walked over to me and gave me a hug. "Bye Ryleigh." He said. "Bye." I said

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