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4. *Chapter 4*

*Chapter 4*

•Ryleigh's Mom's POV•

(Next Day)

I was sitting outside with my head in my hands. Everything is so frustrating, I can't even help my daughter. I lost my job and Ryleigh's dad is the mail man which does not pay a lot. I just have no. My thinking was cut off by some clearing there throat. I looked up and saw One Direction. "Oh my god." I said quietly. "Are you Mrs. Thompson?" Niall asked I nodded. "I'm so happy you could come, my daughter is going to be so happy." I said letting a tear slip. They nodded. I pointed to the door.

•Ryleigh's POV•

I heard my door open and I slowy looked over and saw ONE DIRECTION! I heard my heart moniter beeping faster. I heard them chuckle. I waited a few seconds for my heart rate to come back down. "We heard you needed some cheering up." Niall said. I nodded. "How did you guys know me?" I asked. "Your mom sent us a letter, she said she will pay us $1,000." Harry said. Oh so there just here for the money.

 "Mom!" I yelled getting up from my bed. As I was slowly walking to the door of the rrom I saw Louis smack Harry upside the head. I walked out and saw my mom talking to Paul. "Why mom, We could use that money for part of my treatment." I said. "I knew you loved them and I just wanted to see you happy." She said. "I know mom, but when I said I wanted to meet them, I meant be friends with them. Not for them to only like me because I have cancer." I said. I was so frustrated that I just wanted to pull my hair out but, there is barely any there. "Honey please just go back in." She said. I nodded.

I walked back in and sat on my bed. "Hi, sorry about that." I said. "It's alright." Liam said. I smiled. "So..." Louis said. "Would you like to play 20 questions?" Zayn asked. I nodded. It was Me playing Louis. "What is your favorite thing about being in 1D?" I asked. "Definitly the fans." He said. "What is your favorite thing to do?" He asked. "Art." I said. He smiled. "Favorite animal?" I asked. "Pigeons." He said I chuckled. The questions kept going until his final question. "What type of cancer do you have, and how bad is it?"

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