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2. *Chapter 2*

~Chapter 2~

•Ryleigh's POV•

I woke up to the sound of my hospital room door opening. I opened my eyes to reveal my mom. "Sweetheart I have to go somewhere your dad is gonna stay, he is in the cafateria. I nodded, and closed my eyes. I soon heard the door shut and I fell asleep.


•Ryleigh's Mom's POV•

I sighed when I walked out of Ryleighs room. I feel so bad that I can do anything to help her. But I do know one thing I can try, to make her dreams come true. I drove home in silence no music. Thinking of what to write. I arrived home after 5 minutes of driving and unlocked the house door. I quickly walked to the desk and started writing the letter. "Dear..."



Sorry it's really short:(

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