You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone *ON HOLD*

Rosa Singleton is a 15 year old girl that lives with her mother. Her life is wonderful, until the day her mother dies. What will she do with out her? Read to find out!


5. Chapter 5

     My breathing gets quicker as we pull into the parking lot at the hotel.  This week will decide my fate, decide if anyone will ever love me again.  I sigh as I carry my small bag in and set it on a bed I have to share with Becca.  She sits down and squeezes my hand.  I look up and she whispers, "It's going to be fine, Rosa.  They're going to love you!"  I smile and embrace her in a hug.  The adoption festival leader comes in to say lights out, and that we need to be on our best behavior this week.  A mumble of "Good nights" is said throughout the room as I fall asleep.

     I wake up to Becca lightly shaking me.  "Time to get up!  Today is a big day!"  I sit up slowly and look around.  Most of the girls are laying in bed talking.  I look at her and she adds, "The first ones down get to be looked at first!"  A smile brightens up my face and I stand up.  We wake up Alex and Lily and start to get ready.  We end up getting down there about 20 minutes before everyone and our the first girls that get to be looked at in our category.  When everyone is downstairs, they bring each group to a separate.  As we walk in, I see a sign on the door that says "Girls-15".  We our led to a line of tables with chairs on both sides.  One side for us, and one for the ones that are looking to adopt someone.

     As it get closer to the start time, 9:00am, I begin to get nervous again.  But, it is washed away when people start coming into the room, and I smile.  Someone sits down across from me and we start to talk.  After about 30 girls being adopted, they announce another name on the microphone.  "Congratulations Rosa Singleton! You have been adopted by Zayn Malik!  I look surprised as they lead me out of the room.  Where have I head that name before?  And then, it hits me like a ton of bricks.  I know HIM.


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          -Allie Xx

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