You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone *ON HOLD*

Rosa Singleton is a 15 year old girl that lives with her mother. Her life is wonderful, until the day her mother dies. What will she do with out her? Read to find out!


4. Chapter 4

           Lily, Becca, and Alex (Alexandria) wake me up early.  You could tell they were all very excited.  I yawn and ask, "What happened?"  Becca laughs and says, "Tomorrow is the state adoption festival.  We're leaving for Nashville soon!!"  I smile.  This is the first time I have a chance to get adopted.  No one even looks at me when they come to look.  But, honestly, I'm not sure if I'm ready to be adopted.  I mean, my mother only died 32 days ago, and what would I do with out Lily, Becca, and Alex? 
           I sigh and stand up.  After each getting ready and packing a small pack with some clothes, we head downstairs to the small, old bus the orphanage owns.  Everyone squeezes in.  Now for a 4 hour drive, that may or may not decide my future.
 Hey!  I'm sorry it took so long for such a short update!  My mom is in the hospital, and I've been with her.  But, I told you I was gonna update, so I did the best I could in less than 10 minutes.  Sorry if this disappointing... I'll give a better update next time.  Please pray for my mom, she's having extreme problems and will have to get 1 or more surgeries.  Thanks!  -Allie Xx

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