You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone *ON HOLD*

Rosa Singleton is a 15 year old girl that lives with her mother. Her life is wonderful, until the day her mother dies. What will she do with out her? Read to find out!


3. Chapter 3

As we pull up, I see a fenced up playground, full of young girls.  We walk up to the door and a lady opens it.  She looks at me and rolls her eyes.  "ANOTHER girl who's parents are dead.  That's just GREAT." R-U-D-E.  The woman with me snaps back at her, "Julia, may I remind you that if you get reported one more time, you will be fired.  You better be careful with that tongue!"  I try to hold in a laugh, but a giggle comes out.  Julia looks at me disgusted.  "Great.  Another brat.  Can we just leave her on the streets?"  As I said before, R-U-D-E.

I am shown to my room.  I share it with three other girls.  They walk in and introduce themselves.  The tallest girl steps forward and say, "Hey! I'm Lily.  This is Becca," she points to the short, thin girl next to her, "and this is Alexandria." she motions to the girl with long blonde hair next to her.  I smile and say, "Hi, I'm Rosa.  Which bed is mine."   Becca points to the one of the top bunks and then goes over to a dresser.  "The three bottoms drawers are yours.  That should be more than enough room."
 I put my things away after the lady leaves.  Lily stands up from her bed and says, "We're gonna go to the movie theater to see TFIOS.  Do you wanna come?"  I smile and nod.  There may be SOME happiness here. 
 Hey!  So it's been a while since I've updated, but I hope you like it.  Please like, favorite, and comment.  Thanks! -Allie Xx

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