You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone *ON HOLD*

Rosa Singleton is a 15 year old girl that lives with her mother. Her life is wonderful, until the day her mother dies. What will she do with out her? Read to find out!


2. Chapter 2

                 I walk up the driveway and get to the door.  I fumble with the key until it’s in the keyhole.  I turn the door handle and walk in.  I throw my purse on the counter and just stand there.  What am I going to do without her?  I feel the tears come down my cheeks faster and faster until I’m balling.  I run to her room.  The door is closed.  I slowly open the door.  It looks the same as every other day.  I walk in and lay on the bed.  I just sit there, staring at a picture of my mother, for hours.  My eyes start to close.

                 I wake up and look at the time.  3:00am.  I close my eyes and try to fall back to sleep, but I can't.  I sigh and get up.  After taking a shower, I toss on sweats and and a sweater.  After drying my hair, I toss it into a bun.  No use looking good today; I'm just gonna stay home...

                 I walk downstairs and pour myself some cereal, and go into the living room.  I sit on the couch, and turn on cartoons.  My mom and I used to always watch cartoons on weekends.  Hundreds on memories flood through my head.  I start to cry when someone knocks on the door.

                 I wipe th tears andgo open the door.  Standing there is a women in a business outfit.

                 "Hello! Are you Rosa Singleton?"

                 I nod and say, "Yeah.  May I help you?"

                 "Yes!  I'm here to take you ask you a few questions.  May I come in?"

                 I nod and open the door fully.  She steps inside, and we sit at the table.

                 "Okay. First, do you have any other relatives?"

                 "Not that I know of."

                 After being asked questions for about an hour, she closed for book and stands up.

                 "Well, concidering your answers, you're going to have to go to the local foster home."

                 Foster Home.  Just simple words. But, when put together, they can mean living hell.  You never know how it's gonna turn out.  I had a friend who was in a foster home.  She got stabbed to death a week after arriving.  I start to get scared.  There are messed up peopel out there.  And, with my luck, I'll be stuck with one of them.

                 "Rosa? Rosa?  Are you alright?  Roossaa??"

                 I snap out of it and say, "Sorry.  What did you say?"

                 "I asked if it woud be fine if I come by later to pick you up.  You can take what you want, and the rest will be taken to our company storage unit for you.  Is 5:00pm fine with you?"

                 I look at the clock.  It's 10:00am.  I have 7 hours to pack.  I nod.  She says goodbye and walks outside.  I close the door and look down at my outfit.  I look like a peice of trash.  I get changed into a short teal dress and sandels.  I curl my hair and put on light makeup.  I start to pack.  I put all of my things into two suitcases and then put everything else in the boxes she left for my things.  When I'm done, I have two suitcases and 4 boxes.  My house is so empty.  I start to dose off when someone knocks on the door.  I go over and open the door.  The lady is standing there with two men to move my things.  Time to leave my house- forever.

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