Summer Love.

Read to find out ;) Xx Michael's lovely angel


1. summer camp

Michael's POV*

I was in my room at the moment getting packed up for the summer. A few years ago my parents got divorced and every summer I got sent to my dad's. So that's what I'm doing, packing my bags for the summer.

"Mikey!?" I heard what sounded like my mother's voice. "I'm coming mom, I'll be there in a second." I said back. "Hurry up Mike!" I heard Luke yell. My dad also ran this summer camp, he told me to invite Luke Calum and Ashton over for the summer too.

I finished packing my stuff and went downstairs. "Hey." Cal said to me, I just pushed pasted him and went into the car.

-skip car ride-

We finally arrived at my dad's camp area thing. I grabbed my bags and got out of the car, I walked up to my dad, "hey Mike. Come on I'll show you your cabin." He said leading the way.

Ugh really?! I don't like cabins they kinda freak me out but what ever. We walked to the cabins, "I call top bunk- well one of the top bunks!" Cal said opening the cabin door, putting his bags down the jumping up on the top bunk.

I rolled my eyes and went over to the bed right by the window. I started to unpack, until I see a girl sitting by the sparkly blue lake, she sat there playing with something in her hand, her beautiful long brown hair waved behind her, I couldn't see her face well nor her body.

I didn't bother putting anything else away, I ran outside to the back of the cabin. I hid on the side.

Violet's POV*

I sat on a dock at the lake watching the water while looking at a rock that I had in my hands. It shone in the sunlight like the sparkly blue water itself. Beautiful, it made me feel free-"Vi!" I heard someone scream my name I turned my head to look at the person, then accidentally slipped into the water.

It was quite deep, then my foot got caught in something that felt silky. I struggled until I saw someone jump into the water and swim down to my feet and help me get it untied. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me to the shore. After we caught our breath he finally spoke.

"Are you ok." He asked I nodded slowly, looking up at the sky, "Violet." I said I felt his gaze on me so I turned my head to look at him. "Violet is my name." I said again. "I'm Michael." He said combing his hands through his hair. "So why are you here?" I questioned, "I, umm. My dad works here and my mom goes away during the summer, so my dad wanted me here." He said.

"That sucks." I say. "Why are you here?" He asked. "I needed a summer job." I said getting up and ringing my hair out. He got up and shook the water out of his hair like a dog, I laughed putting my hands in front of my face trying to block the water.

Once he was done he grabbed my wrist. "I've spent years at this camp, come on let me show you around." He said intertwining our fingers. I nodded and we ran hand in hand, down the River bank.


A/N; hi!! This is one of my new Movellas!! Hope u enjoy it !!

---Mikey's T.A.R.D.I.S---

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