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2. 'Perfect Summer' by @Claires_Musical_Life

'Perfect Summer' by @Claires_Musical_Life

Hey, my first review :)

Writing Style

So first let me put it out to you, your writing style is amazing. You have kept everything in one person so there aren't many POV switches and it doesn't get confusing. There are lots of different ways you have shown feelings which makes the read knows and get a better picture in their head of how Saph is feeling.

What I like about it

There aren't as many mistakes as you would find in some stories. There is interesting description which creates a picture in you mind. Great work!


There isn't a spelling mistake that i've found so thats great. The range of vocabulary that you've used makes it interesting. The description you give in actions that you characters go through or how you character is feeling is great.


Just because i'm co-writing it doesn't mean that i'm taking no mistakes out. There's no mistakes appearing to me. But all i can say is that you should carry on updating because the plot of the story's great


I'm going to rate this 8.9. I just love the plot of the story, writing style and all the things mentioned above.

Congratulations and carry on updating.

Be sure to check out 'Perfect Summer' by @Claires_Musical_Life !!

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