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5. 'I've Changed' by @onedirection_foreva

'I've Changed' by @onedirection_foreva

Writing Style

I just love this book. There's loads of detail like in what Lux wears and what she does. The point of views change throughout the story which makes it easier to explain thoughts of different characters.

What i like about it?

I love the story idea. I love the plot idea because i've never read anything like this. The title is mentioned at the end of a chapter which is quite effective. Some chapters end dramatically which wants you to read on.


I didn't notice any spelling mistakes which is great. The detail used when something is described is very effective. There is different vocabulary used so it isn't boring.


I actually cannot think of anything to tell you to improve on. I just love this story and all i can say is you need to update. I'm waiting for it :)


I'm going to rate it 9.2 The plot idea is unique and is really interesting. Please carry on writing and update soon..

Be sure to check out 'I've Changed' by @onedirection_foreva

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