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6. 'Hemmings' by @TheUnicorn_x

'Hemmings' by @TheUnicorn_x

Writing Style

I like this book. There's loads of interesting events happening. Even though there's a couple of POV switches, it's good in a way if you want to give the reader thoughts and intentions of a character like you did with Luke.

What i like about it?

I love the story idea. I love the plot idea because it is different to others. There's interesting characters as well and you can tell there's going to be a turn of events.


I didn't notice any spelling mistakes which is great. There is some different vocabulary used as well.


I think you should add a bit detail and make you chapters longer. But i love your story overall.


I'm going to rate it 7.5 The plot idea is really interesting. Please carry on writing and update soon..

Be sure to check out 'Hemmings' by @TheUnicorn_x

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