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4. 'Defenders of Meteo' by @Rihae Nufei

'Defenders of Meteo' by @Rihae Nufei

Writing Style

Your writing style is good. It is in great detail. There's information and the basic storyline is good.

What i like about it?

I like the amount of detail put in to each and every event happening. It gives a good image when you understand it.


I couldn't really see any spelling mistakes. However, the use of words when describing is good.


This book generally isn't for me. I am better at reading and reviewing 1D fanfictions. This is like a fantasy type of a traditional story. I'd say you should explain yourself a bit as i got a bit confused. I had to read a part again to understand. But overall i liked the story line👍


I'm going to rate it 7.1 You could tell you tried hard and the story line is good.

Be sure to check out 'Defenders of Meteo' by @Rihae Nufei !!

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