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3. 'Cry Me a River' by @Trudi❤️

Cry Me a River' by @Trudi❤️

Writing Style

I love how you've wrote in depth about these tragic events happening in Marley's life. I have to put it out to you, i love this story and i'm glad you've told me to review it. The detail makes it very interesting and the turn of events makes you want to read on. It's all in one point of view so it isn't confusing.

What i like about it?

I love the plot of the story. There's different unexpected things that is happening in this story all in a couple of chapters. There's unexpected twists like Louis being doubted for the kidnapping. There's different thoughts and emotions going on in the chapters. There's many things i like about it.👍


I couldn't really see any spelling mistakes. However, your use of words for description is very good! It intrigues the reader to carry on reading.


I had to think for ages to find something to improve on. I'd have to say that you should break down the chunks of writing you have into paragraphs. That's all i guess.


I'm going to rate it 9.3 I think it's amazing and you should update more because now even i'm waiting.

Be sure to check out 'Cry Me a River' by @Trudi❤️ !!

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