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Comment down the name of the book you want me to read and i'll review it as soon as i possibly can.
More detail in the 1st chapter.

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7. Author's Note

Author's Note

Hey, sorry i've not been updating for the past couple of days. Its because i'm not feeling great. But i'm reading all your stories which you have commented.

If you like your review then please like and favourite so that will let me know if your happy with your review. If your not happy about your rate and i will make it the one it deserves in my opinion then please let me know. There will be no bad reviews with bad rates. And be sure to read my movella 'She's Not Afraid' because it would help alot. I've not updated that for a while either, i'm so sorry :(

Sorry for not updating but keep on commenting your movella names and i'll review them in order. Thanksss guysss-Keep liking and favouriting. Byeee :) x

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