The Death Wish

Jack is looking for his best friend, but the only way he can get to his best friend is by visiting hell. With some help along the way, will Jack be able to find and save his friend?


5. The Tower

We walked closer and closer to the tower. We got to the tower and stood at the front, a voice said "Leave now or else!" Martin turned to me and asked "What are we going to do?" I replied with "what harm can it do?" So I pulled the lever into the tower. The door opened slowly and loudly.


We walked into it hoping to find Sam but there was a drop to get to a chamber, I turned   round and saw that Martin had gone. "Martin where have you gone?" I whispered  but all I heard was a scream of fear. I ran where I thought the scream came form, but there was only traps. I tripped on a trip wire and set off a flooding of water. I stop and think to myself "water in hell? that's weird." before I had any chance of running the water hit me but I didn't feel anything or get wet. "What only a hologram?" I said to myself

Now not only was i searching for Sam now I was looking for Martin. I walked up some stairs and when I got to the top which took me two or three hours I heard a familiar voice. "Jack is that you? Is it really you?" I turn around and there he was Sam sat on a pole with a wire around him so he could not move. Sam asked "Are you here alone?" I responded "No I'm here with Martin." "Jack I found you and Sam." came a voice behind me. I turn around and there he was Martin.

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