The Death Wish

Jack is looking for his best friend, but the only way he can get to his best friend is by visiting hell. With some help along the way, will Jack be able to find and save his friend?


2. First Impression.

As me and my brother were walking around looking for the Palace of Doom, we were confused yet excited as this was the first ever adventure we have been on. Walking deeper and deeper into the depths of hell, the fire was jumping closer and closer until Martin saw a village. A villager approached us as we walked into the city. He told us to come inside the village and stay at one of the best hotels in hell.

All that the villagers would tell us was that if Martin and I went any further, we would hit the unknown. Martin being Martin said; "Whats the unknown?" 

The man responded; "It is the place where nobody has been before."

"OK then. Time to go now." I said calmly to Martin.

I went to the unknown by myself leaving Martin in the village. Two guards walked up to me and informed us on some important information; "You can only enter the unknown unless you have completed three jobs. You will get a badge for each one. when you have collected at least three you may pass."

"Where do I find these 'jobs'?" I replied.

"Around town" The second guard spoke. 

As I walked back into the village Martin ran up to me and said, "I was given a badge for doing a job. What now?"

My response was; "Do more jobs!"

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