The Death Wish

Jack is looking for his best friend, but the only way he can get to his best friend is by visiting hell. With some help along the way, will Jack be able to find and save his friend?


4. Entering the Unknown!

As we walked back to the guards they spoke to us; "Thank you for collecting badges we now wish you good luck in your quest to find your friend." When they opened the door both Martin and I were in shock at what we saw.

There were skinless birds and headless cows that were chasing us. We ran and ran until we hit the edge of a mountain. The bull started to run towards the both of us, luckily when I pushed Martin out of the way, we tried our best to calm our cheers as the bull jumped off the edge of the mountain.

"Jack what now?" Martin asked.

I replied with; "Look for a very very big tower."

"How do you know there is a big tower, Jack?" Martin whispered. 

"Turn around!" I shouted as an airplane went over the top of us. Martin turned around and nearly fell off the mountain.

A dragon came around and stopped just in front of us, so we decided to climb onto it. The dragon took us to this old looking tower and dropped us right next to it. The tower stood tall, and it looked as though it has lived through many wars and much, much more. We prepared ourselves for what was to come.

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