The Death Wish

Jack is looking for his best friend, but the only way he can get to his best friend is by visiting hell. With some help along the way, will Jack be able to find and save his friend?


3. Doing jobs!

I walked into a hotel and asked; "Is there anything I may do for you?"

The guy behind the counter said in a calm and smooth voice. "Can you clean floor 3 please?"

I said "OK then." An hour later I went back down stairs and said "Hello sir I have finished cleaning floor three."

He replied "You are filthy. Anyway here is a badge for your hard work and determination."

I walk out of the hotel and look towards Martin and said "How many badges do you have?"

"One, but if I find a partner I would get two and my partner gets a badge as well." He looks down. I try to hint him me, but he would not listen or even look at me so I grabbed his arm and walked into the building where he came out of. "What are you doing?"

"Getting us badges." I replied. 

As we was working, a herd of bones shaped as bulls ran through the village and knocked over a ladder. The ladder had Martin on the top of it. Martin grabbed the top of the building and pulled himself up. After the bull-like bones ran through the village, the person who set us the job gave us the badge and walked off.

I went to do my last job and Martin went to do his last job on the other side of the village. I helped with the police Martin helped with the paramedics. I caught my first and most probably my last criminal and Martin saved his patient. It took an hour for me to catch my criminal but Martin spent 30 minutes saving his patient. After we had finished our jobs we met just out side the police station.

"We thank you all, as these badges will help us to find our friend who was taken here."

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