After the Credits: Fr❄zen

You've probably seen Frozen, right? You probably know it best from the award winning song, Let it Go. Well know, in this very story, I am going to share some stories of Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf.

Hi snowmen, I'm slowly running out of ideas, so I want to start taking some requests for short stores. I will do about anything, but PLEASE no dirty stuff.


4. "Why Isn't He Asking Her?"

"Why Isn't He Asking Her?"

Kristoff's POV

"Are you sure about this, Elsa?"

"Kristoff, I'm positive about this. Don't you love Anna and want to spend the rest of your life with her?"


"Kristoff! You know the answer to that! You definetly are in deep love with Anna!"

"Okay, okay. Let's go the dining room to meet up with Anna."


Anna's POV

Kristoff has been acting really weird lately. He hasn't been ignoring me, but he doesn't really talk and interact with me the way he used to. Is it because of my chocolate problem?

I fiddle with my fingers as Olaf walks into the room with his own personal flurry. He looks a little annoyed, then I see why. He doesn't have a nose!

"Reindeer get your nose again?" I ask

"Yep," he says sarcastically.

"Where's Sven?"

Just as he's about to answer, Kristoff and Elsa walk in. Olaf and I stand. He bows and I curtsy. The only problem is that he bows too far down and falls into the dinner roll plater.

"I, I'm okay!" he shouts. We all laugh. Then Kristoff looks at me a way I've never seen him look at me before. I feel myself go red and then quickly sit back down.


Elsa's POV

Kristoff is just about to pass me the giant pot of soup when I feel something tug on my dress underneath the table. "Excuse me," I say as I crouch down.

"What is it?" I say as I see it is Olaf.

"Why isn't he asking her?"

"About the proposal, right?"

"Yeah, why?"

"You know, the question!"

"Yeah, why?"

"You knOW WHY!"

I hear my voice go from a quiet whisper to a loud command. Everyone looks at me. Fortunatley, I see Kristoff reach into his pocket.


Kristoff's POV
My hand shakes as I reach into my pocket. My sweaty, shaking hand feels cool against the metal of the case of the ring. I slowly and quietly take the ring out of my pocket. I then walk over to Anna's seat.

I get down on one knee and say my beautiful wife-to-be's (hopefully) name.


She turns took face me and puts a confused look on her face.

"Will you, you, um, will me marry you?"


"Sorry, Will you marry me?"

"Wait, what? Sorry, I mean, of course! Yes!"

I pull her into a big hug in press her lips to mine.

I take the ring out of the box and put it on her finger.

"Oh, Kristoff, it's beautiful!"




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