After the Credits: Fr❄zen

You've probably seen Frozen, right? You probably know it best from the award winning song, Let it Go. Well know, in this very story, I am going to share some stories of Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf.

Hi snowmen, I'm slowly running out of ideas, so I want to start taking some requests for short stores. I will do about anything, but PLEASE no dirty stuff.


2. The Sun Kingdom

The Sun Kingdom


Elsa's POV

                  I woke up to the chirping of the birds. I am used to getting up this early, but definitely not Anna! There she was, snoring like a bear. Today was a very special day for me! I have to travel to the Sun Kingdom to have a meeting with King Eugene and Queen Rapunzel. Us four, (Anna, Punzie, Eugene and I,) really got to know each other as the day went on after I melted the Great Freeze. 

                  After the whole ice skating celebration, our little group went into the castle with the townspeople and had a beautiful party. It was a very short-notice party, but everyone had a great time.

                  I needed to get ready, for the boat was leaving in a few hours. I wasn't so sure Anna would be ready in time, so I had to do something she would hate, waking her up...


Anna POV


                "Kristoff, stop shaking me! It's too early!" I exclaimed as I opened my eyes. I then heard a feminine chuckle. It couldn't of been Kristoff! It was Elsa. That was embarrassing, I think as I drowsily get out of bed. 

                Then I walk over to my wardrobe to find a dress to wear. After a good couple of minutes of searching. I find the perfect one! 



                                                       To be Continued...

Do you like my stories so far?



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