After the Credits: Fr❄zen

You've probably seen Frozen, right? You probably know it best from the award winning song, Let it Go. Well know, in this very story, I am going to share some stories of Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf.

Hi snowmen, I'm slowly running out of ideas, so I want to start taking some requests for short stores. I will do about anything, but PLEASE no dirty stuff.


6. Say Yes to the Dress Part 2

Say Yes to the Dress Part 2

Anna's POV

I quietly hum Let it Go, the song my sister told me about, Bridget comes in with a handful of many dresses.

"Wow, Bridget! All of these look amazing! I can't wait to start!"


Elsa's POV

Olaf, Gerda, and I make small talk as Anna comes out in this beautiful wedding gown. It has tool all down it. It had very short sleeves, and it had an open back, it seemed as if it was that "one-and-done" kind of situation. I loved it, so did Gerda and Olaf, but not Anna. She said it made her hips look too big. I guess it did a little...


Olaf's POV

We wait for about another ten minutes and Anna comes out again in this looser dress than the first. She still looks perfect and slender in it. The top was somewhat tight, but the lower section flowed out and looked nearly impossibly amazing on her. I could see Anna tearing up. I knew she had that special feeling.

Anna's POV

"So what do you think about it Anna?"

"I'm just so speechless! I love it!"

"Are you saying yes to the dress?"

"Yes, I'm definely saying yes to the dress!"

We all shout and laught in joy hence we know we finally found a perfect dress!

Thanks for reading. This is probably the weirdest yet best crossover I have ever come up with!

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