Carson lueders love story


1. school

It was the last day of school finally I guess I'm kinda excited since me and my brother Louis were moving to California cause if some issues "MADDDYYY" my older brother said tackling me to the floor "what" I said in a sleepy voice "it's time to get up " he said "I don't want to" BUT I BET YOUR CRUSH CARSON WILL BE THERE"he said smirking I quickly got up and change into some ripped. Skinny jeans baby blue t-shirt and my fav green sneakers that macthed my braces "Madaline hurry up your gonna be late for the last day of school"my dad yelled I ran down the stairs with my pack back and phone."bye!" Me and my bro yelled "wait you to remember after school be home quick cause tommorow we take the ship to California so don't forget" mom Sadi "WE WONT" we shouted


"So are you gonna ask carson out my brother said "we'll when you ask Zoe out then I'll ask carson" I said changeling one thing about me and my brother we turn everything into a changeling "challenge accepted" he said loudly "I was acually gonna ask her out today so I guess you do to" he said proudly


I was walking through the halls to get to my locker when I bumper into Carson we both feel he got up first "sorry didn't see you there he said helping me up.I could feel my face start to get hot I was blushing "I-it's oky I wasn't looking much myself"I Said still blushing, carson giggled a little "what?" I asked "your face is red" he said smiling "oh" "but it's cute he said that and a tiny smile grew on my face "your moving today right?" He asked "yeah I said sadly "could I have your number. "We both said at the same time. "We quickly exchanged numbers then 3 period bell rang so I quickly went to class

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