Summer 09

Summer 0⃣9⃣
School just ended for us but in this story it's just gettin' started! Ik cheesy right psh oops o well. Surprise celebrities in many parts of the story *comment if ya want a certain celebrity in this story and I will dedicate the chapter to you!


6. A/N plz read this! 😥😰

Ok so some of you might have read my book called 'Adopted' if you did then you should know that I have deleted it. But that is only because so many of you wanted me to update and when ever I tried to it wouldn't give me the option to publish there for I deleted it but not to worry because I re created it and it has more chapters. * the ones that wouldn't work before.* so please continue to read it and I hope that all of you understand what has happened and aren't upset with me. Ok thanks. And btw I will be updating all stories through out the week. So enjoy and continue being awesome 🙈🙉🙊


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