Summer 09

Summer 0⃣9⃣
School just ended for us but in this story it's just gettin' started! Ik cheesy right psh oops o well. Surprise celebrities in many parts of the story *comment if ya want a certain celebrity in this story and I will dedicate the chapter to you!


4. 3

Luke, Razzy and I always meet in the hall way after our third class before lunch. Sadly we all have different classes for it but everything else but that and one other class we have together so it's not all bad. "Guys. We need to try and get this new person to be our friend. I don't think we should be letting the C.P.B get their Starbucks and diamond hands all over them.

(C-cool P-Popular B-Bitches)

"Agreed" they both said. "Okay. Le-go then."

We walk into cafeteria and the celeb isn't here yet. There is a new girl over there tho...wait a minute. The new people this year are only supposed to be famous. Ha ha those stupid tools. They weren't smart enough to realize they might be wearing a costume. Or that they are only celebs!!! Lol I just can't even. "Guys follow me!" I said while laughing. We walk over to the nerdy looking girl who is sitting all alone. "Hey girly. What's your name?" I say all of us sitting down with her. "Oh my name is Brooke." "Oh ok well can I ask you a question Brooke?" Who's Broo..oh I'm mean sure go ahead what's your question love?" "Two actually but first. Are you British and second. What's your real name. You might be fooling everyone else but I've got this under control I know you are one of the celebrities coming to our school and don't worry you can tell me who you are I promise that we will keep you a secret and you can hang with us if you'd like?"

"Ok fine you caught me. You are really smart. But yes I am a Brit and my name is Perrie. I'm from the band little mix and since we became famous I. Wanted to finish my education and I would love to hang out with you. You all seem pretty cool."

(A/N)Ok guys so I still need you guys to give me celebrities to put in. I'm going to put ed in this story but it won't be till later. Btw thank you Hannah Cason for commenting. Your awesome!!

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