Summer 09

Summer 0⃣9⃣
School just ended for us but in this story it's just gettin' started! Ik cheesy right psh oops o well. Surprise celebrities in many parts of the story *comment if ya want a certain celebrity in this story and I will dedicate the chapter to you!


3. 2

Razzy POV:

We arrived at school and get to our home room

class. Luckily, we all have the same class.

Mrs. Deckers.(science teacher)

"So class, some of you may have heard about a

lot of celebrities coming and joining us for the

School year. Well I'm glad to tell you all that the

rumors are indeed true. Instead of them joining

today they will be coming throughout these

next 3 months. But there isn't any reason for any

of you to treat them like all the tabloids. Treat them like

regular students. Also, Principal Ranter wanted

me to tell all of you that there will be no

Fangirling (boys included) and anyone who is

caught screaming, crying. Girls you understand., random kiss

stealing from anyone." Well isn't this awkward... *Popular chick

Raises her hand*. "So does that mean no dating any of

them? Cuz I mean you can't really help teenage

hormones. You teachers don't even know half of

the things that goes around this school. Kissing

in the bathroom, sexual content *cough*, etc.

You can't really stop them if they wanna ask

anyone *me* out! I mean you can't stop anyone

From not falling in love with me cuz ya know it

Happens all the time" she says giggling. "Ok

That's enough Bree! Just shut your mouth for a

second I mean do ya really want all that hot pink

lip stick to fade before you get to flirt with all the

guys?!" Luke says. Whoa way to go Luke! The

teacher just smiled and nodded psh that's

awesome! "Bree you can still date them I guess but you can't do

these things that I just told you. I know you will have problems

With all of these things so let's just keep things on the safe side

and go with you and all girls who do these things with you

aren't allowed either got it? Okay good end of discussion. Now

go to your first core class and we will talk about this later. The

new student will be here by lunch and please make them feel

welcome and as comfy here as possible. Have a great day guys

and I'll see you at some point during the day. So with that have

a great first day and welcome back."

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