Summer 09

Summer 0⃣9⃣
School just ended for us but in this story it's just gettin' started! Ik cheesy right psh oops o well. Surprise celebrities in many parts of the story *comment if ya want a certain celebrity in this story and I will dedicate the chapter to you!


2. 1

Sydney's pov:

Today is the first day of school and to be honest I can't wait!

Hopefully get caught up on school gossip. Everyone has been

talking about how the school is going to be getting some new

students that May or may not be famous! I can't wait to see who

they are! I'm meeting Razzy at the park near my flat so I have to

get ready as fast as possible. Have you ever wanted to have

superpowers so that everything would be much more easier and

way more fun? It sucks! I want superpowers soo bad but no

people only get to be people! No flying;like seriously birds get

the privilege to fly but mammals can't do anything it's upsetting

really if ya think about it cuz like what amazing things can we

do that nothing else can? I have nothing....

I walked downstairs in a shirts that has a crayon box on it with

the caption:"warning criminal has escaped. Known to rape girls

faces! Reward: no more life size Barbies." With my navy

converse and my hair in a neat high ponytail. I walked down the

stairs and walked to the park where I was met by Razzy and Luke.

"Sydney Luke keeps saying that I have horrible taste in

everything! Is that true cuz I need someone to stick up for me!"

"Luke, Razzy has taste! Maybe not in some categories but she

sure has good taste in friends cuz I think we can all agree you

all love meh!" "that's what I said...more or less." Razzy said.

"So did u guys hear about the famous people coming to our

school?" "OMLG YES!!" (A/N: so "OMLG is actually from a

show called Degrassi and it means Oh My Lady Gaga. So

yeah best phrase ever!) "Who do u guys want it to be?" Luke

asked. Hmm I never really thought about it. " I'm not really sure

I just thought it would be really cool and it sounds like a once in

a life time opportunity!" I told him. "Omg what if it is Taylor

swift?! I might just die! And btw it's not the type of dying u

think. I mean I might literally want to kill my self! Ugh hate that

chick so god damn much! Don't get me wrong but I'm just sick

of her date them and make a song of lies! Not cool" Razzy

stated. Ew that is why I'm proud to call her my friend!

Authors note: so what do you all think? First chapter so far and I'm working on more right now. If u have read my other stories you probably know that I never update. Well that was because it was school and I had tons of home work so I will be updating all my other stories sometime before this month is over. Sorry to who ever has been waiting and telling me to update but I will get to it... Eventually..

So if someone wants me to update one of my stories like in this week because u wanna find out my little story secrets then please tell me and I will! :) ;P ;) .-. -.- :P XD XP

WHOO RANDOM SMILEY FACES!!!!!!!!!! Sorry I'll stop ok um so thanks byeeeeee

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