The Outside world is in ruin, after a nuclear war that destroyed almost everything. All remaining civilisation on Earth is living in Haven- a large city, isolated from the Outside by a giant dome that simulates the sky and the weather, and the Barrier wall around the bottom, guarded heavily. Haven citizens live perfect lives, in a 'perfect' city. All they know about any possible life Outside is from horror stories.
Cassie is a normal girl in Haven, living in a mostly normal family - aside from her father and brother, who were killed in a mysterious accident a year ago. But, when Cassie's best friend Kirsty escapes Haven, using a bomb, Cassie's world is turned upside down and she discovers that Haven isn't what everyone thinks it is - and that the people Cassie knows aren't the people she thought they were.


6. Five

It’s like I’m floating over myself, watching what’s happening. As I’m a ghost, panicking above the scene, my body begins to work robotically. My hands close her eyes and pull her cardigan tight around her. Then, before they realise what they’re doing, they’ve picked up the packs with the bombs. And then my lips are kissing mum’s head, and then my feet are running down the steps.

I snap back into my body, suddenly conscious, as I reach the bottom of the stairs. For some reason, I’m running. Mum wanted me to. I wanted to stay with her. But she wanted me to go. It feels like I have to go now.

At the foot of the stairs, I stop. There were about fifty steps and I’m out of breath. I scan the corridor- more like a spooky tunnel- before I run down it. It’s circular, like a giant pipe, and the curved walls are made with faded red bricks. Water drips from above far off in the distance. How long is this tunnel?

I shoulder all four of my backpacks again. The two for mum’s clothes and my clothes on my left shoulder. The two with the bombs on my right. I begin to walk down the tunnel. I daren’t run anymore, because I don’t know how sensitive the bombs are, and I’ve already risked it running down a staircase.

I can hear the footsteps up ahead, of guards. At first, I can only make out one set, but then I hear more appearing, marching down the tunnel towards me. My heart begins to hammer against my ribcage again, beating ten to the dozen. I ignore the icy tendrils of fear that are snaking up my body and gripping my throat. Instead, I focus on how angry I am. I focus on mum. She’s about a hundred yards behind me, but she’s meant to be here next to me as we escape. I imagine the guards coming up are the guy with the sniper, the guy who killed mum. No, the guy who murdered mum.


The word fills me with rage just as the guard come into view. They spot me, shout commands at each other, and fumble for the weapons slung in the holsters around their waists. Their sleek, white uniforms catch the light filtering through gaps in the ceiling. I stop running, standing still, making sure I know where to run.

Then I rush forward.

This is only half of the chapter so far! But I can't write any more... I've done about 3k words this morning & my hands ache xD I'll finish this chapters tonight, probably- or tomorrow!

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