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•Is it a good story? (20/20)


2. Hemmings (By: TheUnicorn_x)

Hey guys so my first one is a book called Hemmings! By: TheUnicorn_x! I'm not really a big fan of One Direction like at all, so personally in that way I didn't care for the story, BUT if I did like One Direction then I'd like the story more... So I kinda liked this story it was a but interesting but also confusing because it switched trying talking very fast and it's hard to tell who's talking exactly. There's not to much description either, but over all I liked it for being a One Direction story.


Verbs: 12/20 (if anyone's confused I this category I mean like if that used the right word or phrase for the sentence) There were good verbs in the story that I liked, yet it would put 'run' instead of maybe something more descriptive like 'dashed' or 'raced'. I did like some verbs she used like 'mumbled' and words like that.

Vocab: 10/20 There wasn't very much vocabulary which again lack the description in the book. Sometimes you doing want people to use Vocab so they can tell what the word is, but at the same time you do so then it gets higher on the writing scale.

Spelling: 20/20 There were no spelling errors that I saw which was nice :)

Action: 17/20 there was good action and suspense in some of the chapters which made me interested and I wanted to read more.

Is This a Good Story?: 17/20 This was a good story. Although I'm not so fan of One Direction it was a good story overall and kept me interested in spite of my own opinion. So yes, I recommend it!

TOTAL: 76%!!!!! (Out of 100)

Thanks for letting me read your story!


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