Endless lovers (Cameron Dallas fan-fic)

The story of Erika and Cameron and their endless love, their obstacles and a big plot twist at the end could change it all.

Cameron Dallas Fan-Fiction


5. thinking of him

I got home but all i could think of was Cam.

E: Erika M: Erika's mom

M: Hey, you're home early, How was the party?

E: Uhh...Great...uhhh..yeah it was fun and there was lots of food and dancing and singing and hot guys and... (I dazed of thinking of Cameron)

M: Hot guys?!?!?

E: What!? You said it not me, Im going to sleep

M: But...

I didn't here what my mom was saying because well you know. I brushed my teeth and went to bed, i was slowly falling asleep but i was still thinking about Cam and the way he asked me to be his girlfriend, 'i fell in love the same way you fall asleep slowly, then all at once.' (The Fault in our Stars).

When i woke up the next morning, it was bittersweet but more bitter than sweet because it was about Cameron but i didn't even get to kiss him and... He died. I didn't even want to think about that part, it was to painful. That day he texted me.

C: Hey beautiful

E: Hey

(I wanted to text something better but i couldn't say 'hey sexy' that'd be weird especially because he had a lot of respect for me)

C: Whatcha doing?

E: thinking of you

C: me to ;)

E: I had a dream about you

C: really?

E: Yeah

C: What happened?

(I was afraid he'd ask that)

E: You...uh 😲

C: Oh. Well then😂


We texted for an hour until my mom said i had to eat. He told me that he would come over in a few days so he can meet my mom, so i thought it was time to tell my mom.

E: Hey mom

M: Hey honey, why don't you set the table for me please?

E: Sure, so mom... what do you think about me having a boyfriend?

M: thats quite a random topic, but as long as he isn't involved in bad things, respects you and doesn't push it then i guess he's good, but i have to meet him first.

E: Okay.

I told my mom about Cam and she agreed to meet him, now all i had to do was wait

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