Endless lovers (Cameron Dallas fan-fic)

The story of Erika and Cameron and their endless love, their obstacles and a big plot twist at the end could change it all.

Cameron Dallas Fan-Fiction


14. the end

I walked to where Cameron was.

"Hey beautiful." He said trying to keep a smile on his face for my sake.

I said a simple "Hey."

"So....whats the emergency?" He asked.

"Well...today i got the letter i was expecting from the dance academy." i said, scared to say the words.

"Thanks great! for a second is was afraid that we were-"

I interrupted him "its in Australia"

He looked at me for a long while and then, as i'd never seen him before he had tears in his eyes, and i, of course, couldn't help but cry either.

"Im sorry, you know i love you, i just wish i could take you eith me-"

"Who said we cant make long-distance work?"

"Cam, you know it would be difficult, and ill be gone for 3 years."

I think saying that made it worse.

"Alright so what are you saying?"

"We cant be together, but not because we don't want to, but because we cant be."

"I love you."

"I love you, too."

And then i realized that my happiness is worth more than i dance academy, besides i know i can get a scholarship for a my closer-to-home collage so i decided to stay.

"You know what, never mind im not going."

"What? Are you serious.??!"

"Yes!!! Yes, lets run away together, with permission form our parents of course."

"Um, Ok, Lets go, right here right now!"

We asked our parents if we could take a 'road trip' together and they said no, but we went anyway.

And now we started our Endless Summer, as Endless lovers.


Hey guys!!! Happy Summerrr!!


Due to personal reasons i have to end this story :(

but i might come back some day, i love you all and if you want to keep in contact with me my IG is: @tammyx3_ and my twitter is: @flowercrownstbh . I love you all and thanks for everything.

kisses, see you soon :)

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