Endless lovers (Cameron Dallas fan-fic)

The story of Erika and Cameron and their endless love, their obstacles and a big plot twist at the end could change it all.

Cameron Dallas Fan-Fiction


13. Sacrifices

A couple weeks later i got an email from the lady i had met at the dance performance, it read:

My dearest Erika,

I talked to the head leaders of the IDA (International Dance academy) which is one of the best in the world, and they didn't hesitate in excepting you. In a few days you will be receiving a super sealed letter through mail, explaining the details you need to know and since you took all ready classes in your early years of high school, your school has agreed to give you an early scholarship and our headquarters have agreed to give you the plane ticket for free.

Before you receive the letter i wanted to give you a heads up. The Academy is in Australia and you will be there for 3 years and dancing 6 days a week, don't worry our campus is large and we give our students a dorm with a person from the same sex. You will share a dorm with 2-3 people. Our campus has lots of dance varieties to chose from like: Ballet, Hip-hop, Tap, Lyrical, Classic, etc. We have lunch provided for you but outside of the school, Australia has more options to choose from

You will be allowed to leave campus now and then but before the day is over you have to come back, UNLESS you are in a vacation, which you will receive every 6 months, the academy is taking you to a field trip that requires a stay somewhere else, or you're competing/performing somewhere else. I hope this was of good use and i can't wait to see you here.

~ Sincerely Lisa From IDA

A few days later, as expected, i received my letter from the IDA confirming that i was as excepted and the whole concept followed by loads of information.

I was so happy i couldn't......i was speechless, i told my mom and she allowed me to make the 3 year trip as long as i visited every 6 months but then we both jumped up for joy, but i was afraid to tell Cam because the school was in Australia and we were doing really good but besides that......I love him. But i had to tell him, so i did.

Text Messages:

E: Hey

C: Hey beautiful

E: I have to talk to you, its really important

C: Okay sure

E: Meet me at the park at 5:30 today

C: I can pick you up if you want

E: No its okay I'll walk, i have to get my words right for this

C: um ok ...

Later, i walked to the park and there he was, he looked hot as always but a little sad, he smiled but he didn't seem happy or at least a little happy. I think he was worried this was a 'its-not-you-its-me' kind of talk or even worse a 'breakup' talk.

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