Endless lovers (Cameron Dallas fan-fic)

The story of Erika and Cameron and their endless love, their obstacles and a big plot twist at the end could change it all.

Cameron Dallas Fan-Fiction


3. party

I was getting ready for the party deciding what i should wear. But in the end i chose a floral dress thats short form the front and long in the back, with my daisy flower crown and some black sandals. (Yeah I'm a flower person..sorry😂)

E: Erika M: Erika's mom

E: hey mom

M: hey, aw you look so pretty! *hugs Erika*

E: Aw thanks mom. Are the girls here to pick me up yet?

M: yeah their on there way.

E: ok

While i waited for the girls (Cat and Jennifer) to come i sat in the living room watching Netflix. A few minutes later the girls came.

E: Bye mom!

M: Bye sweetie! Be home before curfew! (11:10)

E: okay!

Cat and Jennifer said bye to my mom and we were off to the party at Jenna's house. We got there at around 8:15 and it was packed. Literally almost the whole school was there, luckily Jenna's parents where strict about having drugs and alcohol around so that wasn't allowed, (i personally don't like any of those things so I'm okay with that rule)

Lots of people where dancing and eating, i was talking with Kristen when Nash came up to me and told me to come with him. I said 'bye' to Kristen and i went with Nash.

E: Erika N:Nash

E: where are you taking me?

N: you'll see

Nash took me to the sidewalk where Cameron was waiting for us. "Whats going on?" I thought to myself.

E: Erika C: Cameron

C: Hey

E: Hey..um. Did you wanna talk to me?

C: Yea um i wanted to take a walk with you if thats ok

E: Yea sure

To be continued....

Hey peeps comment what you think cam wants to ask Erika?

And thanks for the reads

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