Endless lovers (Cameron Dallas fan-fic)

The story of Erika and Cameron and their endless love, their obstacles and a big plot twist at the end could change it all.

Cameron Dallas Fan-Fiction


6. metting parents: part 1

A few days later Cam came over to my house, i opened the door for him, mom was upstairs. "Get ready" i said. He chuckled and said "Im ready." He held my hand as mom came downstairs.

E: Erika C: Cameron M: Erika's mom

C: Hello Mrs. Stevan

M: Hello Cameron (she said with a serious face)

He (Cam) shook my moms hand

C: Its a pleaser to meet you

M: Likewise, Cameron

(i noticed how odd it was that she kept saying his name in every sentence, she rarely ever did that)

M: So tell me Cameron, what do you do for a living?

C: Uh...well currently I'm in high school.

I slapped my face really hard when i heard his answer.

M: Whats wrong, Erika?

E: Nothing. Cam why don't you tell mom where you're applying for collage?

C: Harvard university

E: Cam, i asked you for a collage not a university

We were holding our hands really tightly by then. I found more topics to talk about and i tired to make Cam speak the least bit possible because i could tell he was nervous. I think my mom liked Cameron though because after a while we were cracking up jokes. Then it got serious again.

M: Do you smoke, Cameron?

C: No. Mrs. Stevan

M: Do you drink, Cameron?

C: No.

M: Do you -

E: Mom, Cameron is the sweetest guy ever and he doesn't do anything you think he dose.

C: Thank you, love.

I smirked at him.

Then finally mom said "I accept you as a couple, or as the youth would say these days 'i ship you'." Me and Cam sighed a sigh of relief. "But with one condition" mom said. "Sure, whats the condition?" Cam said. "I will only allow you two to be in the same room alone if the door is opened."

"Will do Mom, will do" i laughed. Cam stayed a little longer to eat and talk more about him and his family.

Later, when Cam was about to leave he grabbed my waist, lifted my head so our eyes could meet, slowly got close to me and kissed me slowly and tenderly. It felt good, but just as he was about to let go i went right back in for another kiss, my hands combing his hair. When i let him go we both laughed at my sudden reaction.

E: Now i can say you made the first move and i made the second.

We laughed again.

C: I love you

E: I love you too

C: Tomorrow's your turn to meet my parents. (He half smiled)

E: Okay, I'm ready.

I half smiled back. Then he gave me a kiss goodbye and left.

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