Endless lovers (Cameron Dallas fan-fic)

The story of Erika and Cameron and their endless love, their obstacles and a big plot twist at the end could change it all.

Cameron Dallas Fan-Fiction


4. I love you

Cam and Erika are walking together

E: So what did you want to talk to me about? *i had butterflies in my stomach. I was dying of excitement*

C: Look, I've really wanted to talk to you for a long time now and.. I don't know why i didn't..i guess i was scared you wouldn't feel the same way.

By then i think i knew where this was going. But i wasn't to sure why a hot guy like Cam would like a girl like me.

E: I'm getting mixed signals here

We laughed

C: Erika....i love you

My heart sunk like the titanic, i was dying of happiness. I didn't know what to say, i was shocked. I..

C: That was corny

I laughed

E: No it wasn't, i feel the same way

C: Do i even have to ask you to be my...

E: Yes i do wanna be your girlfriend

The party ended and he took me home. We hold hands and i mine were sweaty.

E: I'm sorry

C: Its okay.

E: i Don't wanna make it awkward

C: it wouldn't bother me if you did

I felt myself blushing, as he took me home he said he would met my mom in a week because he didn't wanna push it . And then he left me in the front of my door and i saw him disappear into the night sky. I love him.

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