Endless lovers (Cameron Dallas fan-fic)

The story of Erika and Cameron and their endless love, their obstacles and a big plot twist at the end could change it all.

Cameron Dallas Fan-Fiction


1. him

It was one week before summer break and i couldn't wait to get out of this hell.

But at the same time i was sad. I would miss Cat (my best friend) Nash, Carter, Matt, Selena, Jennifer, Jenna, Michael, Taylor (not swift lol) And all my friends but most of all i would miss Cameron.

I've had a hopeless crush on Cameron since he came to the school in 10th grade. I didn't have any classes with him because i took all real classes so i could have only have electives by 12th grade and maybe even get a scholarship late 11th grade (which is where i am right now)

Even though i will still see my friends because i live really close to most of there houses. I don't live close to Cams house. I don't even know where he lives!!! But i know its far away. Either way we (me and my friends) will have a "Hello Summer Party" the same day schools over. At Jenna's house, most of my friends will be there, I'll get to see them.

And I'll get to see Cameron.😍

Sorry for the short chapter

Longer chapters soon!

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