Ask Marvel/DC

Hey guys! It's me Mira and I wanted to make this for you!!!! I hope you guys have really good questions because I'm making a superhero character profiles thingy and the ideas you give me would be absolutely PERFECT for my research! So the only rule is don't do anything crazy above yellow ;) Have fun!!!


1. Rules in the Blurb and Supervisors

Mira:Ok,so you all know the rules are in the blurb and...well, I need to work on my other movellas so I've got a supervisor:Nick Fury. I know that he's supposed to be dead ((Winter Soldier)) but he's really alive! And Nick, if you may continue...

Nick:It'll be my pleasure. So this is the ask Marvel and DC movella. It's simple. Ask and we answer. I'm your supervisor but my Co-supervisor is Batman. He does DC—

Mira:You never told me you hired Batman!

Nick:yeah but I told you we're interacting with Robin

Mira:oh...uh...*cough cough* you may continue, Director Fury...

Nick:*sighs* this girl is a total Robin fan... So just ask away and don't go anywhere above yellow. Batman? You got anything to say about this?

Batman: yes: I'm Batman

Nick:we all know

Batman:I'm batman

Nick:why'd you keep saying that?


Mira:ugh *facepalm* well,that's it! I'm gonna go now! If anything happens with Batman and Director Fury, just gimme a call. Bye!!!

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