Ask Marvel/DC

Hey guys! It's me Mira and I wanted to make this for you!!!! I hope you guys have really good questions because I'm making a superhero character profiles thingy and the ideas you give me would be absolutely PERFECT for my research! So the only rule is don't do anything crazy above yellow ;) Have fun!!!


5. Question from Writers Random

writerrandom:than you. :) My question is to Nick: There are thousands of deaths a day, so why did you choose to save Coulson when he doesn't even have superpowers? I'm not complaining, Coulson is amazing, it just all seems a little... fishy.

Nick:I wouldn't normally tell people this,but Coulson is more important to SHIELD than me. He's got the high tech stuff and helps a lot with the agency. We are very aware millions and billions die everyday,but Coulson is our top priority.

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