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Hey guys! It's me Mira and I wanted to make this for you!!!! I hope you guys have really good questions because I'm making a superhero character profiles thingy and the ideas you give me would be absolutely PERFECT for my research! So the only rule is don't do anything crazy above yellow ;) Have fun!!!


2. Mrs. West


Becca Tigra-WestOooouuu.....I have a question! It's for whoever does Marvel! Why is it, when Bruce doesn't want to transform, and he's does he has absolutely no control, but when he transforms on command he has complete control?


Nick:I don't know. I haven't had much contact with him since the Avengers last Assembled but I got to him again Because he made a MySpace account,unlike the other Avengers. So here's his reply

Hulk_dude84:It's simple really. When I don't want to transform and I do it anyways,that means I'm really angry. When I want to do it, I just think of things that make me angry. It depends on how angry I am. And Director Fury...since when did you get a My Space account?

Nick: well,that's it! I thought he'd use some sort of chemical or whatever but I think that's it! And my reply to him was that I wanted to friend Piccilo since poor Yoshi's a loner. Thank you,Mrs. West. ((Watch TFS parody episode 1 and you'll understand the MySpace thing))

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