Ask Marvel/DC

Hey guys! It's me Mira and I wanted to make this for you!!!! I hope you guys have really good questions because I'm making a superhero character profiles thingy and the ideas you give me would be absolutely PERFECT for my research! So the only rule is don't do anything crazy above yellow ;) Have fun!!!


7. Another Question from Writerrandom

Ask Marvel/DC:((writerrandom))I have another question, if you don't mind answering it. It's for Batman: Um, you have a child with Thalia Al Ghul... Ra Al Ghul's daughter? It's Ra, you know, evil? Oh, and another question for Batman, if you may: I have recently been informed of Alfred's death... Is it true?

Batman:1)no...and probably never will 2)what are you talking about? *dials Dick's number* Dick? said you wouldn't tell anyone! Now the fangirls AND fanboys are going to kill us!...*puts phone on hold* excuse me. I hope my answer was...accurate

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