Ask Marvel/DC

Hey guys! It's me Mira and I wanted to make this for you!!!! I hope you guys have really good questions because I'm making a superhero character profiles thingy and the ideas you give me would be absolutely PERFECT for my research! So the only rule is don't do anything crazy above yellow ;) Have fun!!!


3. Another Question from Mrs. West

QUESTION:((Becca Tigra-West))I have another two questions for Batman!! Okay, why did Green Arrow and yourself lie about Artemis's past and WHY did Ollie grow that goatee??


Batman:We didn't "lie" about her past. We protected her. We didn't want any of the other team members criticizing her or maybe even kicking her out without our consent. This was a second chance for a new generation in Artemis' family to have a hero,not a villain. Besides, Arrow's blonde and so is she so it made a lot of sense. About the goatee...don't ask. It's probably some weird fashion statement....BECAUSE IM BATMAN!!!!

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