Jocelyn and Taylor have been best friends since practically birth. They're both Vine famous and when the opportunity of MAGCON is offered to them, of course they jump on it. Will their friendship survive all this change or will their relationship change completely?


9. Venice Beach

We arrived at our second destination last night, which also happens to be in California. Taylor is still being distant. Today we can hang and it's such a nice day.

We all decide to grab our Penny Boards and go ride by Venice Beach. We hates our swimsuits and then head out since it's walking distance. Mahogany is the only one who doesn't ride do she roller blades instead.

I fell a little behind so I get there a little after everyone else. When I ride by, Cameron is taking off his shirt. I get a little distracted and run right into Taylor, who manages to catch me.

"Damn, Josie. You okay?" he asks.

"Yeah, I was just looking at the beach."

I glance over at Cameron, who's now smirking. Shit, that means he saw. We join everyone else and get into our swimsuits.

Mahogany and I sit and tan for a while. I look at Taylor, who's standing on a huge rock, about to jump off. Carter's got his camera out, recording Taylor.

A giant wave hits the rock and when it passes, he's gone. "Taylor!" I yell, standing up. I start running towards him as fast as I can.

Cameron grabs me and stops me in my tracks. I don't fight him. Instead, I watch the lifeguard as he runs into the water. I see him pick up Taylor and begin carry him back to the beach.

Cam and I run to meet him. The lifeguard sets down Taylor's limp body on the sand. Oh my god, it doesn't look like he's breathing. Tears immediately flood my eyes.

The lifeguard starts doing CPR. Taylor's head and leg are bleeding, which scares me even more.

"You need to call an ambulance," the lifeguard calmly says.

"It's on its way," Cameron says hanging up the phone.

"Why isn't he waking up?" I ask.

"He's breathing but he's unconscious. That's all I can do until the paramedics arrive."

I don't want to cry in front of everyone, so I just bury my head in Cam's chest. He strokes my hair in an attempt to calm me but it doesn't work.

When I hear the sirens, I start to calm down. The medics are here. They'll take care of him.

They load him onto a gurney and carry his lifeless body to to the ambulance. "Only family can ride in the ambulance," one medic says.

"I'm family," I say.

She gives me a suspicious look but nods. I climb in and sit next to Taylor, holding his hand.


We are all sitting in he waiting room when Taylor walks out. I wrap my arms around him, causing him to wince. "Sorry," I say lightening my grip.

"That's ok." He hugs me and buries his face in my hair.

The doctor walks out with a clipboard. "Alright, you took a mighty spill. But, you'll be fine. Rest for today and take it easy for a couple days. Don't let the cast get wet. We will check up on to make sure your arm is healing correctly." He stops and looks up. "Well, Mr. Caniff, you're free to go."

"Thanks so much," I say.

"Why is everyone so serious?" Taylor asks the group in the waiting room.

He easily breaks the tension. Everyone laughs. "Taylor, you almost drowned," Carter says.

Taylor shrugs. "I'm fine."

"So, what's the diagnosis?" Cameron asks.

"I've got seven stitches in my right leg, some bruised ribs, and a broken right arm," Taylor says casually.

"Oh my god, bruised ribs?" I lift his shirt to see the damage. His whole side is black and blue. Everyone gasps.

He forces his shirt down. "I'm fine."

"What's this?" I ask referring to the bandage on his brow.

"Just another cut. Why is everyone being so dramatic?"

"Taylor, you almost drowned. Just calm down," I say. His face is unreadable.

"Let's go back to the hotel," Matt suggests. Justin is waiting with a car outside. We all climb in.

Taylor lays down in the back, his head resting on my lap. I start playing with his hair. He looks like he's in so much pain.

He doesn't say a word to me the whole ride back.

When we get back to the hotel, Taylor is still silent, which is scaring me. He's the loudest person I know.

We all ride up in the elevator together, but I stop Taylor before he goes into his room. "What?" he snaps.

"Taylor," I start. His soft brown eyes look at me with an intensity I've never seen.

"I don't want to talk about it."


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