Jocelyn and Taylor have been best friends since practically birth. They're both Vine famous and when the opportunity of MAGCON is offered to them, of course they jump on it. Will their friendship survive all this change or will their relationship change completely?


7. Truth or Dare

We're free for the rest of the day, but we're not allowed to leave the hotel. We all decide to sit in Matt and Taylor's room and play truth or dare.

We all sit in a circle. Hmm, this sounds familiar. "Cam, truth or dare?" Carter asks.

"Dare," Cameron says. Carter smirks.

"I dare you to hold hands with Nash until your next turn."

"No way man, that's gay," Cameron says.

"Fine, you want to run through the lobby naked instead?" Carter asks.

He sighs and grabs Nash's hand. Nash doesn't seem too happy either. I start to giggle.

"Something funny, Jocelyn?" Cameron asks.


"Alright, truth or dare?"

I think for a minute. "Truth."

"Who is the most attractive in this room?"

"Oh that's easy." Everyone looks at me, expecting an answer. "Me. Matt, truth or dare?" Everyone sighs.


"I dare you to kiss Mahogany."

"What?" Mahogany suddenly is paying attention.

They both stand up. Matt puts his hand on her cheek and pulls her in for a short little kiss. We all cheer and they both blush and sit down.

"Alright, alright. Taylor, truth or dare?" Matt asks.

"Dare," he says confidently.

"Sit on Jocelyn's lap until your next turn."

He does as told. "Jeez, Taylor, you've got a bony ass," I say.

"Will someone please pick on me again? Nash's hand is sweaty," Cameron says.

"Fine, Cam, truth or dare?"

"Thank you and… truth."

"Who's your best friend?" I ask.

"Lame," Carter sighs.

"Nash is totally my BFF," Cam says making a goofy face.

We all laugh. "Aw shucks," Nash says.

"Jocelyn, truth or dare?" Cameron asks.


"If you had to date someone in this room, who would it be?" he smirks.

I start blushing. "I don't really want to answer that," I say shyly.

"Oh, come on," Matt urges.

"Is it Cameron?" Nash asks.

My face goes bright red and everyone starts laughing. "Oh my god, it is!" Carter yells.

This is so embarrassing. "Alright, well, that was fun but I think I'm going to go in my room and never come out," I say getting up.

"Oh, Jocelyn wait!" Mahogany says.

"That's ok. Good night." I rush out of the room.

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