Jocelyn and Taylor have been best friends since practically birth. They're both Vine famous and when the opportunity of MAGCON is offered to them, of course they jump on it. Will their friendship survive all this change or will their relationship change completely?


3. Travel Day

Taylor finishes packing before me and comes over to help me finish. "You got your camera and laptop?" He's sitting on my bed.

"Yes, do you?" We've each got separate bags just for our equipment.

"Yes. What about all your chargers?"

"Of course. Okay, I think I'm done. What time is it?" I ask.

"Time for you to get a watch." I roll my eyes. He knows that drives me crazy. "We should probably leave soon," he says.

He grabs one of my bags and carries it downstairs. Our moms are sitting at the kitchen table, both drinking cups of tea.

"Are you guys going to leave soon?" his mom asks.

"Yeah, I'm just going to load this in the trunk and then I'll be back," Taylor says carrying my suitcase.

"Alright, honey."

"It's going to be pretty lonely here without the two of you," my mom says.

"Yeah and really quiet for once," his mom adds.

We both laugh. Then. As if on cue, they both start crying. "I don't think I'll make it all summer without you."

We hug our moms. "Don't cry. We aren't leaving for college yet," Taylor says, causing his mom to sob more.

We let go. "Well, you'd better leave now so you don't miss you're flight."

We nod and all four of us walk outside. They stand on the porch while we get in the car. "I can't believe they're already leaving us," I hear my mom say.

They wave one last time before we pull out.

It takes about an hour to get to the airport, so we crank up the radio and ride along the back road.

We've each got a little suitcase for all of our electronics including laptops, cameras, and all the wires.

Once we get on the plane, I decide to take out my laptop. It's a three hour flight so I've got a lot of time to edit.

I hand an earphone to Taylor and he puts it in his ear. We watch the footage of him sitting on the baggage claim conveyer belt and laugh. We just happened to pass it and he couldn't resist.

I shorten it to six seconds and then he posts it. It's amazing to think that we get paid for this.

That was the only thing we had to edit. We start watching some other stuff we filmed and after only about fifteen minutes, Taylor is already asleep.

I shut my computer and put it away, careful not to wake Taylor, who's head is resting on my shoulder. I listen to music for a while and eventually drift off.

I wake up when the plane hits the ground. The jerk of the landing surprised me. I always thought it would be much smoother. "Welcome to Los Angles. I hope you had a nice flight with Southwest."

I start shaking Taylor to wake him up. "Taylor, we're in L.A.!" His eyes pop open and then he starts speaking.

"Oh my god! We're at LAX! Josie we made it!" He shouts a little too loud. People are staring but I don't care.

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