Jocelyn and Taylor have been best friends since practically birth. They're both Vine famous and when the opportunity of MAGCON is offered to them, of course they jump on it. Will their friendship survive all this change or will their relationship change completely?


14. The Ferris Wheel

Taylor and I get escorted out of the office. Everyone is waiting for us outside. We walk in between two security guards. God, why does everything have to be so dramatic? Cameron sees us and pops up from his seat on a bench.

He jogs to catch up. "Oh my god, what's going on?"

"Taylor and I are banned from the water park," I say.

"Just the water park?" he questions.

"Yeah." Everyone catches up and starts arguing.

"That's ridiculous."

"He just wanted to go down one slide."

"Are you really going to kick them out?"

One of the escorts stops. "Yeah, now deal with it or we'll kick all of you out."

"Fine, we were done anyways," Cameron says.

"Out." The guard shoves us all through the gate.

"God, can you believe those guys? Guess we won't be paying any more business to them," Cameron says.


"I can't believe you two did that," Aaron says.

"Yeah, me either Jocelyn, I thought you were supposed to be the responsible one," Cameron says.

"Well, you haven't known her that long so that explains why you would think that," Taylor cuts in.

Cameron just rolls his eyes. What is it with the two of them? "T, aren't you going to take that plastic off?" I change the subject.

"Yeah, I guess."

"While he's doing that, why don't you and I go on the Ferris wheel real quick, babe," Cameron offers.

"Um okay."

"Yay!" He pecks me on the cheek and grabs my hand. "Let's go."

As we wait in line, he grabs both my hands and faces me. "Remember you promised to go on some rides with me?"

He presses his forehead to mine. "I know. We've got to catch some good roller coasters next," I say.

"Yes!" The line moves up a little.

"Hey. Could you two love birds quit lolly gagging?" An old man with a kid-most likely his grandson- says.

I blush as we move forward. We finally get to the front and get seated in one of the carriages.

"This is the first thing you've rode all day," Cameron says.

"It is isn't it," I say.

"Yeah, we have to go on as many rides as we can after this," he says. We get to the top and we can see the entire park.

"Jocelyn," he says. "Have you ever liked Taylor as more than a friend?"

"No," I answer immediately. "Why are you asking?"

"No reason. I was just curious," he brushes it off.

"Are you jealous? That would explain your comment the other night," I think out loud.

"I'm not jealous of him and I told you I was sorry! I think he might be jealous of me though," he argues.

"I think you're both jealous of each other," I state. "Maybe that's why you guys hate each other."

"I'm not jealous!"

"You hate him, don't you?" I question.

He sighs. "I knew it!" I yell.

"It's pretty obvious that he doesn't like me," Cameron says.

"Well, he's still my best friend. You have to at least try to get along."

"I know that, I just… sometimes he gets on my nerves."

"I know. You two drive each other crazy," I say. "I think it's because you both love to be the center of attention."

"That's not true," he denies it.


It's quiet for a moment. "He's just so annoying! Why do you even like him?" he bursts.

"Because! He's been there for me since day one and he's still here. Do I really have to go on? What's your problem anyway?" I accuse. I look into his eyes, which soften.

"Jocelyn, what happens at the end of summer?" he questions.

"I don't know," I sigh.

"I fly back to California and you go back to Indiana… with him."

"That's what's bothering you," I say, "the fact that he's going to be with me and you're not." He's afraid I'll forget about him.

"I love you. I really don't want to lose you." He looks away for second. "You've still got a year of high school, Jocelyn. Me and Nash are just starting to make names for ourselves there and we probably won't come back to MagCon next year. When are we going to see each other?"

"Cam…" I say. "We'll have to work it out when the time comes." I didn't say it back. I couldn't.

The ride finally comes to stop and we have to get off. He grabs my hand and gives me a sad look. "Finally!" Nash says. "That was the longest ride ever."

Cam's face immediately changes. He buries the sadness and replaces it with his charming smile. "I know, right? I enjoyed every second of it, though."

Nash roles his eyes.

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