Jocelyn and Taylor have been best friends since practically birth. They're both Vine famous and when the opportunity of MAGCON is offered to them, of course they jump on it. Will their friendship survive all this change or will their relationship change completely?


2. Last Day of School

I'm still sitting in school, waiting for the bell to ring. It's the last day of school and I am eager to get out of here. We leave right after school to go to the airport. It's only after lunch though, so I still have a few classes to get through.

Why do they keep us here if we've already finished our testing. Small schools suck. I've been sitting here for the past hour just tapping my foot. Taylor's in a class all the way across the building.

Just as I'm about to fall asleep, the door opens and someone comes in to deliver a pass. He hands the paper to my teacher, Mr. Heron, who fumbles around for his glasses.

"Miss Davis," Mr. Heron says. I walk up to his desk. "Looks like you'll be getting out before all of us." He hands me the pass. "See you next year."

I grab my backpack and wave goodbye. Everyone looks miserable and they all just stare at me with envy. I smirk as I leave.

Taylor is waiting for me in the hall. "Hey." He's wearing the usual sleeveless shirt with his signature bandanna wrapped around his head like a headband.

"Thanks for getting me out of there. I don't think I would've made it any further," I say.

"No problem. Hey, do you have your Penny Board?"

"Of course!" It's the only thing in my bag.

"Good. You up for a ride?"

"Yeah, always."

"I figured." He grabs the straps on his backpack after he holds the door open for me. We make our way slowly to his car. He starts it and is about to pull out. "Wait." He presses a button and the roof goes down.

"Perfect," I smile.

We zoom down the back road, wind whipping in our faces. We look at each and, as if reading each other's minds, we both yell out.

This drive is routine for us. There's this amazing park we always go to to ride our Penny Boards down a twisty path. The best part is that it's all downhill, so we race. I usually win but I think that's because he lets me.

He parks the car and I jump out. "First one there gets the window seat on the plane!"

I start down the path and soon, he's right by my side. I watch him as he raises his arms as if he's a bird. Pretty quickly, the surreal moment is over when he starts making crow noises and waving his arms like he flying. Classic.

We arrive at the same time. "I totally won that," he says.

I fake sigh. "Fine, you win."

I lie down in the grass. He joins me only facing the other way, but our heads are next to each other.

We're both silent for a while, just staring at the clouds. "Just think," he breaks the silence. "By tonight, we'll both be in California."

"It's crazy to think we'll finally get out of Indiana."

"Yeah, I've always wanted to travel. How many cities are on the list again?"

"Sixteen," I say. That's only if this thing works out. This is the first ever Magcon. The only thing similar to it is Vidcon, but it seems as though there's a much larger audience for that. What if nobody shows up?

"What are you thinking about?" Taylor questions. There must have been a long silence. I got lost in my thoughts again.

"I'm just nervous."

"Don't be. This is going to be an adventure for us." He stands up. "We'll finally be out of our backyards discovering the world for what seems like the first time."

He's always talked about leaving Indiana to travel. We're both on the edge of our seats waiting for graduation. We can't wait to ditch this small town.

I need to meet new people. I've been surrounded by the same group of kids my whole life. I've never even had a boyfriend.

The serious moment ends quickly when Taylor checks his phone. "Shit, we better head home and finish packing." He pulls me up and we rush back to the car.

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