Jocelyn and Taylor have been best friends since practically birth. They're both Vine famous and when the opportunity of MAGCON is offered to them, of course they jump on it. Will their friendship survive all this change or will their relationship change completely?


8. First Day of MAGCON

Today is the first day of Magcon. Everyone is super pumped. We all woke up and ate breakfast together. Taylor didn't sit next to me this morning. Something has to be bothering him.

Magcon officially starts at two, so we have a little time to hang out before. Mahogany and I go back up to our room to chill.

"So you like Cameron, now huh?" she raises an eyebrow.

"He has a girlfriend," I say.

"I thought they broke up," she offers.

"Really? Do you think he likes me?" We both laugh.

"Of course, girl. He kept eying you at breakfast."

"Doubt it," I shrug.

"He totally was."

"So are you and Jacob dating?"

"Yeah, he asked me out. I really like him," she says.

"Did his guitar charm you?" I joke.

"It totally did."

We sit and talk for several hours until it's lunchtime. Then after we eat, we come back up to pick our outfits.

She decides on a black leather tube top with an oversized open sweater and high waisted shorts. I have no idea what to wear. As I'm going through my suitcase, I strike up conversation.

"Have you noticed that Taylor has been acting weird lately?"

"Not really, no, why?" she asks.

"No reason," I say. She shrugs and continues fixing her makeup. "Do you have any idea what I should wear?"

"Oh, how about this?" She picks up my Van Halen tank top and white high top skinny jeans.

"Yeah, I like that."

"Do you want to borrow my beanie? It would really tie in the outfit," she offers.

"Sure, and do you think my red high top converse would go good?"

"Oh, yes of course."

I get dressed and then we both head downstairs where everyone is waiting. Luckily, the venue is here at the hotel. This is the only location like this though, because it's the only hotel with a big enough space.

"Alright, guys," Justin says. We all gather around him. "Today is the big day. There are hundreds of teenage girls… and some boys here to meet you. So, just try to get through the line. Don't go too quick, don't go too slow. After you've met everyone, we'll do a few activities."

"Ok, let's do this!" Cameron yells. We all cheer. When Justin opens the doors, all the girls start screaming. Damn, they're loud.

Thank god they're all roped off. We find the line with our name on it. Then, one by one, we start meeting fans. I look over towards Taylor. The girls absolutely love him. He makes sure to hug all of them.

Most of the fans are girls, no surprise. I love talking to them. They say weird things, sometimes though.

"I'm so jealous. You get all of the boys," one girl said.

Lots of them keep saying that I'm perfect and that I'm so pretty. I always make sure to tell them that they're beautiful.

Nash, who is to my left, comes over a few times to see how I'm doing. The fans get so excited when he does.

As soon as we've met all the fans, Shawn goes on stage with his guitar. The rest of us stand in the back, watching.

"Can I talk to you for a minute?" Cameron whispers in my ear.

I nod. He walks me out of the room. "What's up?" I ask unsure of what the answer will be.

Instead of saying something, he grabs my waste and pulls me towards him, our lips meeting. Oh my god, we're full on making out.

He pulls away and smirks. Damn. What just happened? "I… thought you had a girlfriend."

"We broke up. Don't you ever go on Twitter?" he jokes.


"Well, we're no longer together. I've been wanting to break up for a while."

"Okay." I have no idea what to say.

"So Jocelyn, I like you… a lot. Do you want to go out?"

"Yeah, of course," I say and then mentally face palm.

"Great!" Oh that charming smile. He opens up the doors and walks back inside.

I refocus for a moment and then follow. Taylor gives me a weird look and I blush. He glances between Cameron and I. I walk back over and stand next to him.

"What did he want?" Taylor asks leaning over. This is the first time he's spoken to me all day.

"Oh, it was nothing."

"Are you sure? You were out there for a while," he accuses.

"Yeah I'm sure."

"Fine, don't tell me." He starts walking away, but turns around. "By the way, your lipstick is smudged."

My hand goes immediately to my face. "What's your problem, Taylor? Why do you even care?" I shout.

"I don't." He storms out.

All the guys are staring, trying to figure out what the hell happened. Well, I'm with them because I have no clue what just happened. Mahogany gives me a look, silently asking if I'm ok. I just nod.

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