Jocelyn and Taylor have been best friends since practically birth. They're both Vine famous and when the opportunity of MAGCON is offered to them, of course they jump on it. Will their friendship survive all this change or will their relationship change completely?


6. Breakfast

I wake up to a bright light flashing in my eyes. "What the hell?" I groan.

"Shit, Carter, you left the flash on," I hear Cameron say.

I feel Taylor's arms wrapped around me and my eyes flutter open. "What are you guys doing?" I ask slightly angered.

"It was just too cute not to take a picture," Matt says.

"You took a photo?" I push Taylor's arms away so I can get up. He doesn't even wake up.

"Yeah, want to see it?" Carter offers.

"Delete it!"

"No way," Nash argues.

"Please don't post it," I beg.

"I won't post it, I promise," he says.

"Pinky promise?" I ask.

"Yes." We pinky promise and then I'm satisfied.

I check the clock. It's only eight, which means I only got four hours of sleep. "Why are you all awake?" I question.

"We've got to gather to eat breakfast and then we're free for the day," Matt says.

"Yeah, everyone's already down there waiting for us," Cameron says.

"Fine," I start towards the door.

"Aren't you going to wake up Taylor?" Carter says. I ignore him and walk into the bathroom, soaking a washcloth.

I walk back into the room and wring it out above Taylor's face. He jerks awake. "Damn it, Josie."

"Aw, Josie." All the boys start echoing him.

"Haha." I turn to Taylor. "Time to get up, T."

"Ugh." He rolls out of bed and gets up.

"Hey, who ended up winning the bet?" Carter asks.

"We called a truce," I say.

"Actually," Cameron says. "I won." He takes out his phone and shows us a selfie he took with all of us sleeping in the background.

"What the hell? You cheater." I shove Cameron hard in the shoulder but he doesn't seem to be phased. Everyone is laughing. "Oh shut up, you all lost, too."

"That's right, show me what all of you have for wardrobe," Cameron smirks.

Fifteen minutes later, we all look ridiculous, thanks to Cam. Taylor is wearing one of my bras over his shirt, which is mortifying for both of us. Matt is wearing a pair of my panties over his shorts, ugh. We're all wearing mismatch clothes and shoes.

I'm wearing a terribly ugly shirt with Carter's belt over it and a single boot on one foot, Matt's boat shoe on the other. The worst is Taylor's boxers that hang tucked under the belt. We all look awful, but Cameron is laughing his butt off.

He has to physically push us into of the elevator and as soon as the doors open, we refuse to exit.

Cam walks through the lobby. "Excuse me, everyone, but we have some models coming through, get your cameras out," he yells.

Taylor goes first, walking proudly through the lobby. Everyone starts cheering and laughing and the rest of us follow. A bunch of people are taking pictures or recording us, how embarrassing.

We stop and pose for a group photo and then go eat breakfast, remaining in our crazy attire all the way through. I sit in between Mahogany and Taylor.

Everyone sits around us talking and still laughing about our outfits. "Is that your bra?" Mahogany asks, referring to Taylor.

I sigh, "Yes."

"It's really cute."

"Thanks," Taylor says stroking it, causing a few people to choke on their food, including me. I smack him.

"I'm wearing her undies!" Matt yells standing up to show everyone. My face turns bright red and everyone laughs.

"They match!" Nash yells.

Oh my god. Will this ever end?

We finish eating. "Cam, is the torture over yet?" I ask.

"Yeah, I'm pretty satisfied," he responds.

The five of us get up and race to the elevator, causing more laughs.

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