Jocelyn and Taylor have been best friends since practically birth. They're both Vine famous and when the opportunity of MAGCON is offered to them, of course they jump on it. Will their friendship survive all this change or will their relationship change completely?


18. Blinded

After MagCon we all go back to the hotel. It's late and everyone's tired. I asked Taylor to meet me by my room. I'm going to tell him the truth.

We're standing in the hallway. Everyone else is in their room getting ready to sleep. "Is everything okay, Josie? You seemed distracted during MagCon," he says.

"Yeah I'm fine. It's just… Cameron and I broke up officially," I admit.

He sighs and pulls me into a hug. "I'm sorry."

"I know." I look at his face and there's a tear running down his cheek.

"What's wrong, T?" I ask. He suddenly pulls away.

"I can't do this." He turns around and take a few steps away.

"Do what?" I ask confused. He turns around again but continues walking backwards.

"This. I'm done comforting you and listening to you talk about Cameron. A month is about all I can handle."

"Taylor…" I start.

"No. I'm sorry, Jocelyn. It just… it hurts too much. I think I'm going insane," he says fumbling for his key.

He reaches for the door handle to his room. "Taylor, stop!" I screech.

He stops abruptly and looks back at me. "What?"

"Do you want to know why I broke up with him, Taylor?" I ask on the verge of tears. He looks at me expectantly. "Because of you." As I say the words a weight is lifted off my shoulders. It's like these feelings I've been carrying around with me for years are suddenly released.

He slowly starts walking towards me. I meet him in the middle and then we both stop. We're only inches apart. I lean in close and whisper something. "I love you, Taylor Caniff."

Placing my hand on the back of his neck, I pull him into me, closing the gap. Our lips crash and he responds immediately by pressing me to the wall. One hand on my hip, his broken arm resting on the wall above my head. My hands work their way up his shirt.

We're interrupted by the elevator doors opening. We quickly separate and both our faces turn cherry red. Luckily, it's only the maintenance guy coming to fix the fire alarm in the hallway.

He looks at us suspiciously and then says, "Isn't that what the room is for?"

Oh my god. I fumble for my key and open the door. We both scramble in and then I slam the door. I look at him for a second before we both burst into laughter.

He stops laughing and walks over to me biting his bottom lip. I don't think he realizes how sexy that is. "Jocelyn Davis," he says.


"I love you, too."

He kisses me again. All of a sudden, I question what I even saw in Cameron to begin with. Kissing Taylor makes Cameron feel like a kindergarten crush.

We break apart again, out of breath. "Taylor?"


"Stay with me, tonight," I say. He nods and I take his bandana off his head and throw it across the room.

I start kissing him again and my hands explore his chest. I tug at the bottom of his shirt and he lifts his hands up. I slip the shirt up and over his head. It gets caught on his cast and I giggle while untangling it.

I stop and look at him. He's gorgeous. His abs are perfectly chiseled, which I already knew, but damn. I run my hands carefully over the yellow bruise on his side. It's almost healed.

"We should get some sleep," I say.

"Yeah…can I have my shirt back?" he asks.

I shake my head and smirk. I slip my current shirt off and put his t-shirt on. He smiles and bites his lip again, god. Then, I slide my shorts off so I'm just in my panties and his shirt.

I crawl into bed and he just stands there. "Come on, T," I say patting the bed. He starts to walk over. "Aren't you going to take your jeans off?"

He freezes. "Uh." I get up and walk over to him.

"Taylor, why are you being so shy?" I ask while unbuckling his belt.

"I'm not," he says. "It's just. If some guy were doing this with you, I'd want to punch him."

I smile and pull down his jeans so he's just in his boxers. Then, I start slowly kissing his neck working my way up. "You're not some guy," I whisper in his ear.

He steps out of his jeans and finally joins me in the bed. He wraps his arm around me and I rest my head on his chest.

"What's the farthest you've gotten?" Taylor asks. "You know what? Never mind. I don't want to know."

I giggle. "T, the most I've ever done is kiss someone. And Cam was first."

"Really?" He asks surprised. "I wondered why you never told me about any guys."

I shove him. "Jerk. What about you?"

"The most I've done was feel Kristen's boobs behind the gym in eighth grade. And she had a shirt on," he chuckles.

"Guess we're…kind of even," I say.

He's silent. I check to see if he's awake. He's just looking at me. "What?"

"Nothing… I've just loved you for a long time," he says.

I smile and peck his lips. "Me too. I just didn't realize it."

He smiles back and kisses my forehead. "Goodnight, Jocelyn."

"Night, Taylor."

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