We Are One

**Another Avengers Fanfic** After the battle in New York, everything seemed okay, right? WRONG! There is another evil brewing, and she is the daughter of the infamous, Loki. The two people that can help the Avengers stop Loki's daughter aren't Avengers at all; They are actually children of some of the Xmen.
***Video is from youtube and it's creator is chileboam, NOT ME***


2. Two

*Ghost's POV*

My best friend and I had just argued. Buck called me by my brother's name. I set there in the kitchen wondering, Why did Britteny call me Samuel?, when Wolverine came in. "Hey, Logan." I say with a hint of sadness in my voice. Logan asks, "What happened between you and Britteny in the Danger Room?". I tell him, "We had and argument is all.". Logan nods then says, "I know your lying, bub. What really happened?".

I say, "Shotgun took me by surprise. I ordered Britteny to run. She refused and was kicking the living shit outta Shotgun, until he got the upper hand and well you know the rest of that." Logan nods and I continue, "After you dismissed us, Britteny and I stayed behind and began arguing. She got really pissed and called me by my brother's name. I'm guessing she thought she'd lose me like she did him.".

"Go and speak to her. I'm sure that she'll hate you right now, but do it anyway.". I nod and then head up the steps to Britteny's room. As soon as I reach her door I hear screaming, so I open the door and rush over to her. I start shouting,"Britteny! Britteny!". She wakes up and buries her face in my shirt. She also calls herself and I quote, "A fucking idiot.". I tell her that it's not her fault, whatever is causing her to be like this. She finally looks up at me, then moves away from me. She says, "Ghost IT IS my fault that Samuel's dead. IF I had checked before we busted your Dad out, It should've been me and not High Fire.". 

I can see the seriousness in her face, she means that. She walks out of her room and I follow. I lose her after about thirty minutes. My friend Beast says, "Try either the X-Jet or the control room for the Danger Room.". I check the Danger Room first, and it's a no go. As I walked into the hanger for the X-Jet I could hear Kiss's 'Rock and Roll all night' coming from somewhere. I look up to the rafters and see her. I shout, "Hey, Buck!". She nearly falls from the rafters but catches herself.

"What the hell, Ghost?" she asks after she drops from the rafters. I can see she's been crying again. She gives me a weird look and then walks right past me. I grab her left forearm. She struggles against my grip. She begins to protest, but I get her to shut up by quickly kissing her.

"NEVER DO THAT AGAIN, GHOST. NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS." she half hisses, half growls. I can't believe I kissed her, I mean what the hell was I thinking. We both walk to our rooms, not saying anything to anyone. I wake up to someone pounding on my door. I get out of bed and then shout, "Hold on!" and as I'm opening up the door I shout, "I'm up! I'm up!". I finally open the door to see Logan, standing in front of me. I immediately ask, "What happened to Britteny?". 

Logan says nothing, but motions for me to follow him. As we're walking I notice Britteny's bedroom door has been kicked in and I can smell...shit I smell blood. I look at Logan again, wondering what the hell had happened! Logan says nothing, but continues walking. We reach one of the elevators and ride it back down to what some call 'Basement Level Alpha'.

That's when it hits me like a ton of fucking bricks, what Buck ment by she should've died instead of Samuel. Once I hear the ding that signals that we've reached our floor I take off running, quicker than Quick Silver and the Flash combined. I have one destination in mind; the infirmary.

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