We Are One

**Another Avengers Fanfic** After the battle in New York, everything seemed okay, right? WRONG! There is another evil brewing, and she is the daughter of the infamous, Loki. The two people that can help the Avengers stop Loki's daughter aren't Avengers at all; They are actually children of some of the Xmen.
***Video is from youtube and it's creator is chileboam, NOT ME***


3. Three

*Still Ghost's POV*

I'm running as fast as I can. Logan on my heels. I stop once I face plant one of the infirmary walls. I can see Beast, Mom and Dad, Jean and Scott, and a few others wince as I begin sliding down the wall. I stand up, shake my head, and mutter, "Shit.". Mom walks out of the door and over to me. She says, "RJ, are you okay?". I nod my head and say, "Yeah, Mom. I'm okay, but my face is going to be sore for awhile.".

I hear Dad and Logan mutter, "Smart ass.". Beast looks at me and nods  his head. I walk through the arch/door and follow him. Millions of questions began to swim around in my mind as we walked to where Buck is.

"She's sleeping now, but Logan wants you to stay with her." Beast says. I nod and then look at her. Her wrists are heavly bandaged, so that explains the blood, mostlly. About ten to twenty minutes later she bolts into a sitting position and looking around. She asks, "Where am I?". I don't say aything or do anything, so Beast says, "You're in the infirmary, Britteny.". She looks at Beast and says, "Oh, okay.".  I see a figure standing beside her, but it's not Beast or I. It looked like, son of a bi-, IT WAS Samuel.

I begin backing away, hoping, praying I'm not crazy. When my back hits a wall I begin to slide down it, then I pull my knees to my chest. Beast and Buck look at me and so does "Samuel". I mutter to myself, "This isn't real." over and over.

*Buck (Britteny's) POV*

I woke up in the infirmary. Ghost and Beast were watching me, but that's when I sensed him. I didn't dare look to my right, but I knew he was there.  Ghost began backing away, and he slid down the opposite wall. I say to Beast, more like order, "Beast, please leave us. I need to speak to Ghost alone.". Beast nods and heads out of the infirmary.

I get up and walk over to Ghost. He tries to inch farther away, but stops when I whisper/hiss, "Enough.". Ghost Samuel says, "Hello, Little Brother.". Ghost tries to move away, but I grab hold of his left forearm. He looks at me with fear in his eyes.

I tell him, "You're not crazy, because I can see him too. I think we're the only two that can.". Ghost Samuel makes a sorta huff/grunt sound, as if to say, 'I may be technically dead, but I am here.'. I say, "Yes, we know you're here.".

I help Ghost stand, Ghost Samuel backing away as I do so. Ghost Samuel whispers, "Mom, Dad and Logan are coming. NO more talk of me, understood?". Ghost and I nod, then Ghost Samuel disappears.

Dad asks, "Britteny Lynn Howlett, what the hell are you doing out of the hospital bed?" and Rogue asks Ghost, "What the hell is all this talk of seeing ghosts, Remington Joseph Le Beau?". Ghost and I curse under our breaths. Ghost says, "You guys may want to sit down somewhere and please don't commit us to an asylum.". Dad, Rogue and Gambit nod, and the five of us head up to the kitchen.

*Skipping Elevator Ride*

Dad, Rogue and Gambit sit across from Ghost and I. Gambit asks, "What is this about, you two?". Ghost responds, "Please don't call me crazy, but I can see Samuel's ghost. This is the first time I was able to see him today.". Gambit nods and then Dad asks, "Is this the first time that you've seen him, Britteny?".

"No, sir. This is not the first. I've seen him roughly six or seven other times. Some after he died, others after..." My voice cracks, and I don't finish my statement, but Dad, Rogue and Gambit nod. Dad says, "Well, maybe you two have developed a new power some how." ,Rogue adds, "Beast will have to give you a blood test just to be sure.", and Gambit says, "The two of you aren't crazy.".

*Ghost's POV*

Once we told them we could see Samuel's ghost I felt a little better, but I also felt like I betrayed Samuel. Anyway, Buck and I were in the library/lab with Beast. Buck stood up from the seat and walked towards one of the bookshelves rubbing her arm. I swallow any fear and make my way over to the table. As I set down I saw Samuel, he did have a pissed off look, but when I smiled at him he smiled. The blood drawing is over in a few seconds. I join Buck looking looking at the books.

"Samuel's here." I say to her. She says, "I know.". Logan comes over and says, "Why don't you two go and rest outside. Get some fresh air, then Beast or myself will come and get you.". I nod and quickly walk to my room and grab my guitar, then I quickly walk outside. Buck is already out there, sitting in a hammock. Her  blue eyes light up when she sees the guitar. I can see Samuel nod his head. Before I reach the hammock, he says, "I know what you're thinking, RJ, and if  you want to keep her I suggest that you do it. It's now or never.".

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